Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Project: Bloody Olde Englund

So, I know that I havent really been using this blog page since February, but Im going to bring it back... and what better way than to show off my latest project: Bloody Olde Englund.

This little werewolve story has been kicking around in my head for well over the past 4 years though the story has changed dramatically. It wasnt until April of this year that writer/good friend Bobby Nash asked me if I wanted to collaborate with him on a book for Arcana Comics, something new to pitch to Sean (the publisher) b/c he was looking for a few new ideas. I suggested B.O.E. and gave Bobby the plot of the story and within the next few months that I was finishing up RIPPED (also for Arcana), he nailed out a 66 page script.

Im currently handling most of the book-penciling/inking/toning. This will help us save on finding/paying a colorist and will also help me mold my coloring skills better. Below is the first page to the book. Enjoy.

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Bobby Nash said...

Nice blogspace, Jason. Keep up the great work.