Monday, November 24, 2008

Emery Falls - pg. 9

So heres page 9 of Emery Falls. Im going to have Nathan lettering the pages (hopefully within the next few days since he's got time off from school.) and will post those when they're done so the story will be a little less confusing.

As for Bloody Olde Englund and why I havent posted anymore of those pages, well it isnt b/c Im not working on it. No, no, Ive got pgs. 9-11 inked and pg. 12 penciled. Its just that the toning style I use on that book is more complex then the simple burn tool I use on Emery Falls. The plan is to get a good number of pages inked and then spend a solid week toning.

Alright, enough rambling more to come later. -jasn

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