Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Blog of the year...?

Okay, so I was hoping to have finished this piece earlier in the night, but since I didnt its being considered a Wednesday post. This is the new poster for Splatter Cinema. They'll be showing Zombie in February.

Kinda proud of myself for finishing this a few weeks before they'll even need it. Now I can go finish the other commissions Ive been delaying. Heres a rundown of everything I'll be working up in the next few weeks.

• Ghostrider/Angel piece
• Wolverine in Detriot
• Black Canary meets a face hugger
• Galactis w/the dazzler
• 2wo different Punisher pieces
• The Cover to Emery Falls
• Many, many, B.O.E pages

Speaking of B.O.E., managed to pencil out anothe page and should have that inked within the week. This might be my last post of the year, just depends on how much Im able to kick out in the next week. Every one have a happy, safe holiday and new years. -jasn

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Samuel said...

it's cool jason, happy holidays!