Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I've Been Away From My Children Far Too Long..."

First up, the delay in blogging. Ive really sh*t on everything that Ive wanted to do for the new year. I dont really know what the hell happened but I just got into this real funk and couldnt pull myself out of it. Needless to say all that shit is over! Kicking things off I just finished doing an interview for a local live internet show called: BEHIND THE CANVAS. Its a show a friend of mine helps put on where they interview local artists from the Atlanta area. It was a lot of fun though I seem very nervous through out but I talk about my art, comics, Splatter Cinema, and future projects I'd love to one day work on. So if my stuff intrigues you or if you're even bored, check out this broadcast over at:

On the left hand side find the video of Behind the Canvas from 3/3/09. Let me know what you think and its great to be back!!!

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