Friday, June 25, 2010


Emery Falls is an idea that Ive had floating around my brain for the past few years. It wasnt until I got an invite from a group of local guys that were putting together a little comic anthology that she was actually born on paper.

The group managed to squeeze out two issues before it went down. Though the anthology collaboration failed with lack of committed entries, a few of us, including my Emery story survived. I was so close to finishing this book that I couldnt bare to just let it die on the table. I had to finish this macabre, noir-like tale. And so I did. The first issue of Emery Falls is actually a stand alone story, consisting of our protagonist going to a group of violent, drug dealing werewolves to get back a mystical unicorn. What follows is all HELL breaking loose!

My ideas for the first couple of stories of Emery actually didnt contain any back story on exactly who Emery was or why she was doing what she does. They were just going to be these crazy tales of some of the craziest ideas Ive ever had for a comic. It wasnt though until the first FULL story of Emery was finished and hearing peoples responses that, though people actually really like the character and ideas, they were just confused on who she was or where she came from. They werent sure why she was doing these things that she does. So stepping outside of the box I stood there and analyzed the story from an outsiders perspective and realized the same conclusion.

That is why I havent put out anymore of my little tales of Emery Falls yet, b/c I dont want to further hear from people the same reactions of no back story. Im actually in the process right now of slowly working on her origin and will actually re-write the first arc and not only add in little hints of her origin, but also make that book rock so much harder than it did! I love the first story, but the only downfall I have with it is how fast it was having to be produced for the time frame of the anthology group and how for almost the second-half of the story arc I wasnt really sure where to take the idea until it was too late.

Now that I know what Im looking for and wanting to do. I can promise to bring to life a very exciting comic with a very fun loving character that I think people will really come to enjoy.

When I figure more things out and get started on the book I'll inform everyone of it. Until then, enjoy these lil treats of sketches I'll be randomly posting of her.


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