Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello everyone, its hard to believe, but around two years ago I started working on a project idea that I created with fellow friend/writer Bobby Nash, called: BLOODY OLDE ENGLUND. I had been sturring with this idea in my head for a few years doing different things with it, but never feeling satisfied. It wasn't until Bobby came to me asking if I'd like to come up with a comic idea to pitch to a company at the time that was looking for new projects that I felt it was time to submit my idea for my were wolf comic. After talking with Bobby and flushing out a basic plot idea to him, he being the fast awesome writer he is, managed to come up with a 66 page script for the comic. I was probably 1/4 of the way through the book before personal issues in my life came up and caused me to stop work on the story.

Now, I'm back in business, refreshed, and ready to retackel the idea I had to leave behind. The only thing though is I feel like picking up where I left off on the art would make it look completely different from the first half. The coloring on the book is also being done by me and my coloring skills have improved greatly from the beginning of the story. So though, starting over might delay the book even more, I believe the art I will be producing now for it will make this puppy shine even more than before.

Above is the first page in progress for the BLOODY OLDE ENGLUND REBOOT...


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