Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This was a nice way to wake up to the day...
Staff writer, Steven Surman, was nice enough to give Jay Busbee and I's graphic novel, RIPPED, from Arcana Comics, a read and just sent me over this review for it from the Broken Frontier website. Give it a read:


I'd have to say this is DEF. the best review Ive had for the book that Ive seen. Steven was very mature and professional with his review and judgements and I think thats what makes me the happiest about it. I know when some people review your book they are going to be honest on whether or not it makes since or if the art is crap, but some of the other reviews I read on our book were in some parts just mean and immature. Im one for critiques, but be constructive about it and not snobby.

Again special thanx to Mr.Steven Surman for taking the time to review the book.


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