Monday, November 7, 2011


Down in Atlanta on Sunday, Nov.6th, it was the ATLANTA COMIC CONVENTION one-day show. Had a lot of fun. My daughter was able to come with us and she was excited to meet Batman so she colored him a picture and when he showed up she gave it to him and was pretty happy. She's such a hoot. She kept coloring pictures and would go over and give it to random people saying she colored them something. Half of them didnt know how to respond. She also put her art up on the wall like her daddy and wanted to sell her pictures too. When I asked her for how much, at first she said, $300, but then it went down to only $1. She did end up selling one to my buddy. Only three years old and already selling her artwork. Im so proud of her. I also got to do a sketch for Terry Maltos, who is actually the art agent for Mr. AL RIO! He had a list of different classic cartoon characters and I got to pick whichever one I wanted to draw so I chose BRAK from the Space Ghost cartoons/show and I made a zombie/werewolf BRAK. Over all it was a good show and having my Nikki and my daughter there def. made the show that much more great.

Here are some pictures.


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