Thursday, January 5, 2012


I just got word a few days ago I'll be one of 50 artists getting to contribute to a sketch card set from the indie company ALTERNA COMICS. I am really excited to be a part of this not only for doing some new sketch cards, but because this is a great little company fighting to survive in the comic world and they hold their own pretty well and I want to see them around for a very long time. Please if you get a chance and would like to help support the funding of the card set go to the link below and pledge. Below is also more information on the set:

IndieGoGo and all of our amazing contributors from our last fundraiser helped us to survive for a few more years and because of that generosity, we can now move forward with an idea we've had in the works for a few years now!

Come and celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary with Alterna's first trading card set that centers around the amazing creator-owned characters that have graced the pages of Alterna Comics' graphic novels!

This 5 card set will also feature 250 sketch cards that will be comprised entirely of original, hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind sketch cards created by 50 different artists, including Alterna's very own talented creators!

A lot of the artists involved are getting the chance to see their work published for the first time. It's a dream come true for many of them - a dream that we hope they get a chance to fulfill. There's also veteran artists on here that are lending their skills towards bringing the characters at Alterna to life in their own unique visions.

Here's the artist roster:

Daniel Gorman, Kelly Williams, Jacob Rozen, Brian Beardsley, j(ay), Jiba Molei Anderson, John J.C. Bulmer, Peter Simeti, Michael Bracco, Bret Herholz, Jeff McComsey, Jeremy Massie, Rafer Roberts, Neil Makohon, Gary Kezele, Thomas Makoto, Stephanie O'Donnell, Rusty Gilligan, Mike Thomas, George Amaru, Joe Palumbo, Chadwick Haverland, Jason Shoemaker, Nicholas P. Meyers, Erin Kohut, Kevin Christensen, Bianca Thompson, Laura Inglis, Joseph Miller, Jay Shimko, Scott Ethan Glenn, Jason Roussel, Hector Garcia, Michael Kasaboski, Tim Shay, Isaiah McAllister, Mickey Clausen, Steven Russell Black, Tom Kelly, Brian McCranie, Mark Nasso, Kristen Bellatti, Jay Pangan, Jason Flowers, Randy Bishop, Nate Getz, Puis Calzada, Jesse Hughes, Douglas Draper Jr., Anthony Hochrein

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