Monday, October 22, 2012


Sorry for the lack of art posting, folks. It's been pretty crazy doing shows every weekend for almost the past month straight. I still have three more weeks to go. Next stop will be FANBOY EXPO ( in Knoxville, TN then BAMA-CON ( in Alabama, followed by a few mini-one day shows in Atlanta that I'll annouce as they get closer. Once that has slowed down, I'll have the rest of November and December to work on commissions and new art prints for the coming season. Not to mention finish up the long overdue graphic novel of BLOODY OLDE ENGLUND!

So until then, heres another look at the BLUE TERROR comic Im working on right now for a client. Im not really sure how much of this Im allowed to show off so there's a chance it might be taken down later if I find out he doesnt want anything posted at this time.


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