Friday, January 11, 2013


Way back in 2009 I developed EMERY FALLS for a mini anthology series with a group of local comic enthusiasts. The initial idea was a comic that had six creators telling their story in six to eight page increments. Like most ideas with people, it later got complicated due to people butting heads or others lack of turning pages and stories in on the scheduled timely basis. I managed to get about two issues into the anthology myself, around the first twelve pages of the comic before I found myself falling behind too. I managed to catch up, but with the amount of pages my story told if I had published the following six pages in the next anthology, I wouldn't really have had much story to show off when I collected all the pages together into the one finished book. So I backed out of the anthology, which worked out fine because by then the series had already started to fissile out and I debuted my one-shot comic of EMERY FALLS at DragonCon'09.

I was extremely proud of the character and concept, but looking back on it later realized it lacked a lot of story outline, which was my own fault due to the fact I was thinking more in terms of leaving it at six to eight page cliffhangers instead of flushing out a story that made more sense. Needless to say, the years have past and though Ive been working on other projects, every once in a while when I get an idea in my head I like, I always go back to EMERY. Ive even written a few additional stories for her that I never tried to start. But I can't hold off any longer so for the past few months I've taken all the notes, all the stories, all the sketches on papers, notepads, and sketchbooks, and compiled them all together and sat down to flush out this wonderful idea that's SIN CITY meets CONSTANTINE. And once I debut the revamped comic project and unleash it upon the public, I hope you will join me on the weird and crazy ride I have in store for this character~

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