Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Had such a GREAT! show at my first Wizard World New Orleans! Super big thank you to everyone that came specifically to see me and to all the new fans that I made on the trip! I'll definitely be back for the show next year! I didn't get many photos of the convention because I was so busy, but below are just a few of what I was able to get.


My booth:

Here's a commission I did in the hotel room for a client that wanted me to redraw his old drawing he did of Spiderman fighting the Hulk. It was very challenging trying to keep everything the same, but different at once. Needless to say he loved the piece.

Also heard from someone who bought one of my Gremlins pieces that actor, Zach Galligan, the guy that played, Billy, in both Gremlins films, had one of my prints hanging behind him on his banner. So before the show on Sunday my buddy and I went over to say hello and introduce myself. I gave him one of my spider gremlin prints and also got him to sign my print and get a picture with him. Very nice guy~

Lastly, my buddy and I stopped at a few of the local shops there in New Orleans and in one of the shops while searching through their graphic novels, I happened upon the GN I did for Arcana Comics! It was pretty cool to see my work in totally different place other than the local shops around Atlanta~

Overall, the trip was very awesome. See you next year WIZARD WORLD NEW ORLEANS!!!~

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