Saturday, August 27, 2016


Hey everyone! I just wanted to say hello and again, thank you all so very much for supporting the book! As of today, y'guys have helped raise $1,430!!! That's $430 over the initial goal. So I've spent all week trying to figure out what I can do to add a few additional rewards and stretch goals. As I finish up some ideas for more rewards I wanted to go a head and announce the two stretch goals available. If we reach $1,500, I'll add a bonus mini sketch book to all orders of the physical book or more!

That's only $70 away, folks! I know we can try and make this happen! Stretch goal #2 will be for $2,000. If we reach this goal I will add an additional FOUR pages to the comic that will include sketches and additional pinups! This Stretch goal will be for EVERYONE, those getting the PDF and those getting the physical copies.

So let's keep it going and tear through these goals like they were nothing. Don't forget too, you can upgrade your reward to something higher if you want. $15 gets you a physical copy of the book and two mini 4x6 prints of the cover and first pinup for the book. Also, there are still four pages still available as a reward. Those are only $40, come with a physical copy of the book and an original page of artwork from the first issue. Lastly, I've opened up and added two extra spots to die in issue 2. That reward is $100, comes with a physical copy of issue 1 and a guaranteed copy of issue 2.

Thanks again everyone! Keep spreading the word on the book and I'll see you on the battlefield!!!

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