Sunday, February 19, 2017


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We did it, everyone! Issue 2 will be going to press by the end of the month!

The next few weeks may be a little quite with updates on the issue because we are waiting on the 14 day processing it takes Kickstarter to collect all the payments, charge me their fees, and then send the money to me and I in turn, pay the printer for the books.

I will keep everyone up to date on anything and everything going on. While I'm thinking about it, since the book will be shipping in March, keep an eye out for my next Kickstarter project around that same time called: HiVEN. It's a 60+ page trade paper back I'll be re-releasing of a vampire comic I made over 15 yrs ago before the days of on-demand printing and crowdfunding. It'll include a new cover illustrated by me, along with being half toned and re-lettered by me too. I know some may be asking what the heck? So a different project instead of issue 3 of A.A.I WARS? What gives? The answer is simple. I've been working off and on with remastering this comic so that it can actually come out between issues 2 and 3 of A.A.I WARS sort of like a buffer while you wait for the next issue. To create these books doing the writing, penciling, inking, and lettering takes around two, sometimes three months for me to complete. SO, to make sure you don't forget the book I thought to myself why not reprint an older comic not many have ever seen let alone heard of ever. The same will happen with the wait between issue 3 and 4. I'll be Kickstarting a different comic I made back in '09 that had very limited printing too called: The STRANGE TALES of EMERY FALLS. It'll be a 32+ page half toned and re-lettered one-shot comic. More on those books as we get closer to them.

Again, thank you all for supporting this book and keeping indie comics and creators alive. Talk to you soon~

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