Thursday, March 30, 2017


So I was at the OAK CITY COMICON show a few weekends ago and didn't find out that IDW was going to be there until that Friday let alone until that Saturday afternoon that they were doing artist portfolio reviews. So I went back to the hotel that night and stayed up SUPER late working on this one page sequential sample (because editors always want to see if you can do sequential panels. Pictures are fine, but if you want to draw comics for a living then they need to see you can do it). Turned out to the new editor-in-chief doing the reviews. He liked my stuff, gave me his email, and asked me to continue to send him samples every few weeks of 5 new pages. I emailed him a few days after the show and he replied saying he'd shoot it over to the TMNT editor on the book and see if they want to do anything with me, but in the mean time continue sending stuff in. SO... expect to see TONS more new TMNT sample pages coming from me really soon. Below is the page I did. I showed a fully penciled/inked/ink washed page by me. I think the fact that it was done the night before AND all done by me got his attention. Cross your fingers good things come from it. Thanks in advance~

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