Monday, August 21, 2017


Tomorrow night I will FINALLY be unleashing this idea that has been stuck in my mind for many years now. My love for HALLOWEEN is strong and one of my favorite times of year. September 1st in the Flowers household starts the holiday and it doesn't end until well into November. This book came about by a mad scientist style mixture of ways. Whenever reading bedtime stories to my daughter we could never really find many great Halloween books. A few were good, some were okay, but most just fell short of what made Halloween so great to us. So one day I thought up this idea of a little fat crow that goes to visit a skeleton to wake him up. Over the years I drew doodles and ideas here and there which finally led to me writing the story out a few years ago. Fast forward to today and as part of my main goal of stop slacking and just make projects, the season is coming up and it was finally time to unleash this idea upon the world!

TOMORROW at 7pm Eastern/Standard Time, I will be releasing my Kickstarter project to fund this book. I will post the link when it is time and I hope that you can join me for this fun and spooky Halloween kids book~

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