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A good buddy of mine has a website dedicated to underground artists. Go check it out:

Making Sweet art with Jason Flowers
“I’m an artist. I draw comics. My goal is to one day do nothing BUT draw comics. Until then, I have a day job that I really love. I’m a father, which I really love too. I pull my artistic influences not only from art, but from my love of movies – specifically horror/scifi. I’m easily drawn into the dark, eerie, strange, but beautiful side of things.”- Jason Flowers

How you doing today?
I’m doing well. Thanx for having me.

What motivates you to pick up the pen? And Why?
Good question. I sometimes ask myself that same question. It just depends on the day really. One day it might be me telling myself to get off my lazy ass and pick up the pencil. Other days it might be me realizing that I want to do this full time one day and support my child with no worries. And sometimes the BEST way to motivate me is when I go to the book store and just sit for an hour or two reading graphic novels. For some reason doing that always pumps me up and inspires me.

What first got you into doing art?
Nothing specifically, I’ve always been drawing since I was a little guy.
What got you into drawing comics?What got me started in drawing comics was the day this one boy from daycare brought in a stack of X-men and Wolverine comics. I knew from that moment on I wanted to draw comic books for the rest of my life.

Do your surroundings influence your art? How so?
Sometimes. Truly depends on where I’m at… If I’m at home drawing I usually have a huge supply of comic book reference in long boxes sitting behind me. I’m a HUGE collector of classic and cheezey horror movies so I have a giant shelf of those that I’ll usually pop in as something to watch in the background while I draw. My art is very dark so watching horror movies helps inspire me to do more. If I’m at my day job and on my break or drawing before I start my shift, I’ll usually listen to my mp3 player so I don’t deal with people trying to talk to me while I work.

What is your concentration of art?
Again horror movies and comics are my life, so I concentrate mainly on making fun scary or gorey horror comic books. Usually the kinda of movies I love to watch, I try to twist and make into my own ideas in comic books.

Are there any new projects that you are interested in starting? Or is there something new that you are working on?
Well, I just got finished printing my latest comic, The Strange Tales of Emery Falls, which is this insanely crazy comic book about this character named Emery Falls that fights all sorts of evil of the night. Whether its drug dealing werewolves that have stolen a magical unicorn that she’s trying to get back, assassin vampires for hire that are trying to take her out before she can kill them or lesbian spider creature chicks that she’s trying to kill as they stalk their prey in a night club.This comic book, RIPPED, I worked on with comic writer Jay Busbee for Arcana Comics will be getting printed soon and should be in comic stores everywhere by early next year. Plus the book was picked up from this studio called ROMARK FILMS to be made into a feature film.I’m also currently working on a new graphic novel with comic writer Bobby Nash, entitled: Bloody Olde Englund. An idea I’ve had sitting around for a while that Bobby put to script. It’s the story of a new sheriff in this town called, Bear Creek that is not only greeted by the town folk, but by the werewolves that are living in the mountains!I’m doing that book while also working on the poster pieces for Atlanta’s very own, SPLATTER CINEMA. Which is a show held at the Plaza Theater on Ponce de Leon Ave. every second Tuesday of each month where they show a classic horror movie and put together a little scene from the movie in the hall of the theater where you can get your picture taken.

If you could do a collaboration with any of Atlanta’s artists who would it be? And why?
Oh wow, not really sure. I know I’d like to work with comic artist, Georges Jeanty. He’s currently working on Buffy the vampire slayer for Dark Horse Comics. I love his work and he’s just an incredibly nice guy.

What tips would you give to a new up and coming artist?
Have a thick skin. If you want to get into this business YOU have to make it happen. No one’s going to come knock on your door. Also, pimp your work. Go to comic conventions. Go to comic shops. Make yourself a website. Blog. Myspace. Facebook. Twitter. Whatever you can do to promote your work.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say/ shout out/ scream out to the people reading this interview?
Thanx for reading and I hope you come visit my work and stick around for the long haul.
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