Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Splatter Poster...

So this one's a little late, but I think the quality and time I worked on it DEF. makes up for it in the end.

Before anyone goes off on why the hell I'd give this psycho killer green eyes, it's b/c of that statement alone. He's a psycho killer. I wanted to give Leatherface this sorta child-like innocences under the mask. I figured it'd also come off kinda ironic too. Here's this crazy guy going around killing people with a chainsaw and the last thing they see before getting hacked to pieces are these two peircing green eyes staring at them.

This also marks my first FULL attempt at coloring a finished drawing using the wacom pad. I think all and all things came out very nicely. Let me hear your thoughts on this one... -jasn

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