Sunday, February 8, 2009


Finally have had a day off that hasnt really required going anywhere or doing anything except helping take care of my sick fiance and our baby girl.
Below is the finished poster to march's Splatter Cinema movie - "PIECES". This is a very badly awesome horror movie with little to no plot, but some fun gore and of course plenty of cheesey lines and naked girls. I dont think its on dvd, but I watched the whole thing on youtube in ten parts. Def. worth watching for any horror fan.

Now back to finishing the last few commissions Ive got to do and then off to working on Bloody Olde Englund! Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This past weekend...

So this past weekend was the first show of the year for the Atlanta Comic Convention. Usually an okay one day show, I actually did pretty well. Probably since I actually had more work to sell and show. Working on nothing but RIPPED for almost two solid years really made it hard on me to really sell anything. It wasnt until early last year that I learned that I needed to work on multiple projects in order to have more to show for.

Anywho, the convention had over five hundred attendees and I made more money in that one day during the same amount of hours if I had worked my regular job. Once again making me crave wanting the ability to do this full time even more! I know that day will eventually come, but until then I'll keep on truckin. Below are a few pictures from the show. Enjoy.
Heres my table at the show-
Heres Ariels table - (she's doing a sketch while holding Karisma. What skill!)
Here's Bloody Olde Englunds letterist - James Burns (left), and writer - Bobby Nash (right)
Comic book writer - Sean Taylor (writer of Gene Simmon's Dominatrix)
Local Atlanta Artist - Chris Hamer
Now for some sketch's I did at the show...

First up, Dr. Strange
This is a drawing of the Penguin I did in the same book at the last show, but forgot to take a picture of it.
This one guy always asks for the craziest pieces. This time he wanted me to draw Captain America doing the most american thing possible. So I went with baseball. ;D
Lastly, I was asked by Sean Taylor's daughter to draw one of those nurses from Silent Hill. I think it turned out pretty good for little to none reference.