Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post of 2008!!!!!!!

Hey guys, a day late from my weekly post, but better late than never. Here's a few new sketch cards and a few quick sketches I'll be posting on ebay real soon. Everyone have a safe and happy new year. See ya in 2009!!!

Black Mask

Mad Hatter

Zombie Batman 1

Zombie Batman 2

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Available for Commissions!!!

So, since the holidays are finally coming to a close, Im finishing the last few commissions Ive had sitting. Which is good b/c Im putting out a new call for commissions if anyone is interested. Recently I got into a car accident, thankfully not a serious one, but it has ended up leaving me needing around $500 to get my car back from the body shop. Money I dont unfortenately have at the time. Below is a list of my pricing for commissions. If you're reading this blog you've obviously seen my artwwork, but if you need examples check out my pics or email me and I can send you samples...

$10 = (1)ne commission drawing of your choice illustated on 9x12 inch bright white bristol board and inked using a variety of pens and markers.
• Additional characters are $10 each
• Simple backgrounds are $5

$20 = (1)ne commission drawing of your choice illustated on 11x17 inch bright white bristol board and inked using a variety of pens and markers.
• Additional characters are $15 each - please limit to no more than 3 per piece.
• Simple backgrounds are $10

Im also doing a few sequential page commissions too. Prices are below:

$25 = (1)ne sequential commission page of your choice illustated on 9x12 inch bright white bristol board and inked using a variety of pens and gray toned in photoshop. (Limits are no more than 3-4 characters per page, no more than 4 panels per page, and only 4 pages per commission. Once those 4 pages have been completed and time admits then more can be commissioned for said idea.)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion of pieces on 9x12. Pieces 11x17 and/or sequential style, please allow 2-3 weeks for completion. Multiple character commissions will take longer and range depending on detail.

I ship using priorty mail (2-4 bus. days) for $6.00 for auctions in the U.S. Shipping outside the U.S. will be $10.00. Insurance is additional/ optional and is only added upon request. I will combine shipping on other commissions!!!

I accept paypal, personal check (please allow up to 10 days for check to clear before piece will begin), or money order. Paypal ONLY for buyers outside of U.S.

Thanx to everyone in advance. Also, please help pass the word along to anyone you might know that would be interested in getting a commission piece drawn. -jasn

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Blog of the year...?

Okay, so I was hoping to have finished this piece earlier in the night, but since I didnt its being considered a Wednesday post. This is the new poster for Splatter Cinema. They'll be showing Zombie in February.

Kinda proud of myself for finishing this a few weeks before they'll even need it. Now I can go finish the other commissions Ive been delaying. Heres a rundown of everything I'll be working up in the next few weeks.

• Ghostrider/Angel piece
• Wolverine in Detriot
• Black Canary meets a face hugger
• Galactis w/the dazzler
• 2wo different Punisher pieces
• The Cover to Emery Falls
• Many, many, B.O.E pages

Speaking of B.O.E., managed to pencil out anothe page and should have that inked within the week. This might be my last post of the year, just depends on how much Im able to kick out in the next week. Every one have a happy, safe holiday and new years. -jasn

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bloody Olde Englund pg.13

Though I should have gone to bed two hours earlier since Im having to get up at 5am, inspiration hit tonite. I pretty much spent the night finishing the tones on pg.13 of Bloody Olde Englund while listening to a podcast called: Crankcast featuring Mike Norton hosting an interview with one of my inspirations, Kevin Mellon talking about the politics of freelancing in the comix industry.

Kevin, buddy, if you're reading this thanx for the tips and knowledge. I enjoyed the listen. ;D
Heres the B.O.E. page fully toned. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life + Stress = Less Artwork...

Well, its been a really stressful past few weeks...

Between close family members about to have major surgery to getting Karisma on a sleep schedule and me wrecking my car Sunday night (long story, needless to say it was my fault) and having to dish-out $400 I dont have at all (seriously), artwork has slowly been churning out. Im being really picky about the B.O.E pages, I guess b/c I want them to be nothing but awesome so Ive been just working on Emery stuff. Kinda sux, but I'd rather really kick ass with those then to half ass them. Heres a new Emery page though...

I picked up the dark knight this past friday, but will probably have to return it b/c of the lack of money. (sigh) Ive been really itching to watch it again.

Also, looking back through my last few weeks worth of posts, I'll probably only be able to update with new art once a week. Usually around Tuesdays. Im going to try and post more, but know that I should at least have something ever Tuesday.

(sigh) I think Im done with this year now...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Street Trash Movie Poster...

Just illustrated/colored this piece last night for Splatter Cinema's new movie they'll be showing in January. The movie is called Street Trash. Its a pretty cheezey, gorey movie which is right up my alley. Check it out if you're in the area.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A few half completed commissions...

So heres a sneak peek at a few commissions Im almost finished drawing.

Pg. 11 of Bloody Olde Englund...

Finished this page late last night. Too tired to post it then, so here it is now.

Enjoy. -jasn