Thursday, August 30, 2012


It's that time of year again and you know where to find me - DRAGON*CON. Come visit me in artist alley over at the Hyatt hotel. Im in artist alley in the back at table 83! I'll have new prints, sketch cards, original art, comics, and more available! I'll also be doing sketch commissions all weekend!




Here's a Wolverine Sketch Cover I just finished up and will have available this weekend at DRAGON*CON, along with a bunch of other original sketches, sketch cards, and artwork.


Friday, August 24, 2012


Playing with watercolors and then scanning them in photoshop and playing... I think this came out pretty nice~


Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'll have limited copies of this available at DragonCon... The whole book is 88 pgs of awesome horror articles! I illustrated a twelve page story for Chambers of Horror in it, have an add for my artwork, AND did the poster art for the Buried Alive Film Festival. My hat is off to everyone that put this book together and worked on it. Y'guys did a fangtastic job and Im proud and honored to be a part of this...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Trying to find me in artist alley at Dragon*Con this year? Here, I circled my table on this map to make it a little easier. Im in the back next to Kevin Eastman...


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The only tease I can show for my new print in the works... I will debut it later this week. More details to come soon. Any guess?


Sunday, August 19, 2012


In 2 weeks it'll be the best damn show around, DRAGON*CON!!!! Not only am I grateful to be part of this amazing show, but I had to pick myself up off the ground when I saw who'll be sitting next to me. Im so excited to be next to one of my biggest influences in comics! MY booth number is TBL83... guess who's number 84... :)

****Without further ado...the final 2012 Dragon*Con Comics and Pop Art artists alley table assignments are in! Join us in Grand Hall East of the Hyatt Regency this Labor Day weekend for another star-studded event, chock-full of some of the most exciting creators on the planet! The room opens at 1PM Friday, August 31st, 2012******


Pete Abrams TBL81
Jason "Spyda" Adams TBL55
Joel Adams TBL56
Neal Adams BT20
Aspen Comics BT05
Baby Tattoo BT04
Mark Bagley TBL11
Michael Banks BT09
Joe Benitez BT05
Ryan Benjamin TBL36
Jennifer Bennett TBL40
Michael Bielaczyc TBL46
Gina Biggs TBL16
Scott Blair TBL77
Drew Blank TBL42, 43
Andy Brase TBL33
Jennie Breeden TBL17
Bob Burden TBL85
James Burns TBL18
J. Scott Campbell BT18
Kate Carleton TBL32
Eric Canete BT06
Greg Carter TBL15
Keu Cha TBL50
Mike Choi BT06
Dave Cook BT13
Coop BT04
Jeremy Dale TBL20
Peter David TBL26
Leslie Ditto BT07
Mark Dos Santos TBL72
Dragon*Con Comics and Pop Art BT22
Kevin Eastman TBL84**********************
Annie Lacy Erskine TBL24
Essential Sequential BT06
Sam Flegal TBL31
Jason Flowers TBL83***********************
Stephen Fox BT21
Matt Frank TBL60
Chandra Free TBL27
Eliza Frye TBL35
Sean "Cheeks" Galloway TBL37
Andrew E.C. Gaska TBL28
Geeky Pinups BT17
Darren Gendron BT16
Stephanie Gladden TBL07
Michael A Gordon TBL38
Daniel Gorman TBL30
Sanford Greene TBL12
Mike Groves TBL78
Daxiong Guo TBL29
Chris Hamer BT10
William Holbrook TBL54
Eva Hopkins TBL39
Anson I Hunter TBL25
Enrica Jang TBL53
Georges Jeanty TBL10
Paul Jenkins BT08
Van Jensen TBL06
Dave "The Reverend" Johnson BT06
Cassie Kelly TBL51
Rachel Keslensky TBL19
Jerry Keslensky TBL19
Tony Kordos TBL68
Alex Konat BT05
Janet Lee TBL13
Sunny Lee TBL21
Comfort Love/Adam Withers TBL47
Sarah M BT11
David Mack TBL64
Frank Mastromauro BT05
Tyson McAdoo TBL45
Jason Metcalf TBL70
Mike Miller TBL41
Jonboy Meyers TBL23
Bryan Mon TBL52
Chris Moreno TBL73
Cayce Moyer TBL59
Ted Naifeh TBL44
Dustin Nguyen TBL22
Rhiannon Owens TBL67
Jason Palmer TBL01, 02, 03
George PĂ©rez TBL80
Andy Price TBL74
Sara Richard TBL58
Humberto Ramos BT08
Scott Rorie TBL49
Don Rosa BT01
Andy Runton TBL05
Tim Sale BT06
Stuart M Sayger TBL75
Matteo Scalera BT06
Chris Schweizer TBL63
Tony Shasteen TBL14
Bill Sienkiewicz BT02
Andy Smith TBL61
Jamie Snell TBL76
Douglas Sneyd BT03
Anthony Spay TBL48
J. David Spurlock BT02
Jim Starlin TBL08
Peter Steigerwald BT05
Brian Stelfreeze TBL04
Dirk Strangely TBL65, 66
Billy Tackett TBL79
Greg Theakston TBL62
Jason Thomas BT19
Killer Targets BT12
Jamie Wade Tyndall TBL69
Dexter Vines TBL09
HC Warner BT15
Bernie Wrightson TBL 57
Derek Yaniger BT14
Craig Yoe TBL82
Thomas Zahler TBL34

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Twenty-five years of ROBOCOP... Im a HUGE fan and am very interested in seeing what they do with the remake. Ive heard some worries and seen some "concept" art, but Im looking past those and will wait for the real trailer and/or pictures from the set. Until then, let's celebrate the most bad@ss cop around. The forever protector of truth and justice... I have prints available on my website which can be viewed by clicking on the "online store" link in the tool bar up above or by clicking on the link below.


Friday, August 17, 2012


Colors are in the works... Until then, Ive posted the inks and the penciled versions below to show the difference between my roughs and my inks. Now-a-days my pencils, like the one shown, are a lot tighter than they use to be. Before, I'd just do very simplistic outlines of the drawing and then take it straight to the inking stage. I use to feel that I didnt really want to put much detail into the pencils knowing I'd have to go back and do more work inking all that detail. I found though it was taking even more time during the inks because I was having to decide what would go where. It wasnt until I recently started pushing more into my pencils that I noticed a difference in both the speed of the inks and how more defined the piece comes out once completed~


Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012


Hey everyone, so DragonCon is coming up and I wanted to go a head and suggest that if anyone is wanting to stop by my booth to get a sketch to message me now so that I can start on it and it can be picked up at the show! The convention is usually crazy busy for Nikki and I and I usually get overbooked during the show. So to make sure everyone gets a sketch, message me if interested and I can give you pricing. Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Predator sketch card available - $10 - FREE SHIPPING. Message me if interested otherwise it'll be one of the others coming with me to be sold at DRAGONCON~


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hellstorm - aka: Son of Satan, completed commission. Message if you are interested in having anything illustrated.


Monday, August 6, 2012


Now available, my newest art print - WOLVERINE vs OMEGA RED!

Check out my art store. I have the piece available in colored AND blk/wht versions. This piece will also be one of the many new pieces available at DRAGONCON.


Sunday, August 5, 2012


This is a (4)our piece sketch card set available for sale - $50 Free shipping. It is available before the show, but if not sold before then, it'll be available at my table in artist alley at DragonCon~

Friday, August 3, 2012


Mars Attacks sketch card! FOR SALE - $20 FREE SHIPPING

I LOVED the movie and the comics and the original card set. Wish I could have known about the sketch card set that just came out. I would have tried to get on that list of artists. Anywho, the card is for sale and if it doesnt sell before the show than it'll come with me to DragonCon and get sold there~


Thursday, August 2, 2012


So excited about these awesome old comics I picked up from my the Book Nook! Ive been looking for a while online for copies of the THING comic from Dark Horse and I was never able to find any of them that didnt cost an arm and a leg. (No pun intended)

So what do I do? I check my local thrift store like book shop and what do I find for friggin cover price!?! Yep. The first two issues of the second story arc DH put out back in the early 90's. AND as Im walking up to the counter what do I spot? Yep. The collected Days of Future Past storyline that I've recently been looking for for photo reference. Did I just buy both of these for fun?... Maybe. Or did I have a reason...? Hmmm... I guess we'll see if anything is "made" from it...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So here's a new piece I finished for a client that wanted to get this picture of her as a zombie and her fiance as a zombie hunter made as a engagement present for him. She was very happy with the outcome and so was I.