Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Last year was a great year publishing wise for me. Caliber Comics put out the graphic novel format of A.A.I WARS back in March/April and then my variant sketch cover edition for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 99 was released in November. Between all that I also did countless sketch commissions and conventions. Those books can be found for purchase here:

Though these are a few great accomplishments, I am determined to get even more done this year!

Currently I am finishing up the first chapter to a new scifi samurai comic called: DEMON BLOOD and am also writing a new graphic novel for A.A.I WARS called: TALES OF GORE. (More info on both of those as they produce) As for new art prints, I have completed ten new pieces that'll be rolling out this year on the convention circuit. I'll start posting those here in my next post. As for other new comics, I'll be debuting a few more new limited art comics like my Inktober 2019 drawings, Star Wars and Marvel characters books and even a I LIKE TURTLES volume 2.

So keep following me here for new updates and peeks. Also, if you're not doing so, go add me on Instagram at

Next post will start the new artwork from the year. Enjoy~