Sunday, May 8, 2011


FREE COMIC BOOK DAY was a HUGE success! Talk about a lot of fun! Ive done FCBD three other times in the past few years and none of them measure up to this one. The folks over at Criminal were not only super nice, but had there act together very nicely.
They treated all of us like rock stars offering food and water whenever needed. The crowds were insane lined up in front of the door and throughout the day the traffic coming and going was constant. I gave away all 50 of the free Spidey 11x17 posters along with all 50 of the 8.5x11 posters of the same image. I got to meet A LOT of local people that follow me on FB and did a few sketches too.

Over all, it was an awesome day!

Special thanx again to Lillian Hughes, Eric Ludgood, and Criminal Records Atlanta for having me for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! I had a great time and appreciate how awesome everyone was, thank you! I also wanted to give BIG thanx to everyone that came out to say hi, and picked up some art and comix!

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