Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ive come up with a few new ideas to help keep this blog chugging along while Im working on new pieces and artwork for BLOODY OLDE ENGLUND. Ive decided to start up my "Random Thoughts" again where I will be talking about anything and everything from films Ive recently seen or are my all time favorites, to music or things just going on around town.

First up, a band Im really, really into right now - THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM.

It probably sounds silly to say, but I feel like as we each learn and grow from our own personal experiences in life there tends to be at least one band along the way that is there in that period of time that understands what it is we all might be going through. I feel like this band is that band for me. It's almost a transition to adult hood the songs these guys belt. They just sing wisdom to my heart and make me feel better knowing someone understands sometimes.

Anywho, here's one of my favs from them: "GREAT EXPECTATIONS"...


P.S.- For those that check this blog regularly, AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you will notice some new additions to the page, along with some changes to the design layout. Hope everyone likes!

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