Thursday, May 5, 2011


These first 25+ pages, as silly as it sounds, have been some what of a challenge for me. Drawing just straight up dialogue, as an artist, can come off sorta tedious. I tend to get impatient waiting to draw the fun exciting pages filled with action or gore. But lately, I've really been understanding the need for making those dialogue pages to stand out and "pop" just as much as an action page. I've turned it into a little game in my head to see what would be the best angle or position for the characters to be in for a panel. Plus playing with the shadowing more is becoming the most fun in every page. Im just feeling like everything is finally kicking in on what should go where and how certain things should be looking. Sounds silly, especially after working on RIPPED, which was 120 pages, you'd think I'd have some sort of grasp of things. But, like I said, I think its finally just all "clicking" and Im not having to struggle as much with it anymore.

Anywho, heres page 14 of B.O.E.

Thoughts are welcome.


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