Thursday, September 20, 2012


So Ive been crazy sick these past few weeks. Ever since we've returned from DragonCon. I can't shake it. First it was a cough, then a fever on again, off again. My poor family is getting sick too. Hoping to get better by the end of the week. Grabbed a jug of orange juice at the store. Should do the trick.

Anywho, Ive finally finished up a few new commissions and some well over due pieces too. All will eventually be posted. Im also working on sketch cards for three different sets right now, but I don't think I'll able to show them at this time. They'll probably have to remain hidden until approved by the company. Which is an exciting and pain driven thing to have to say.

So with no further what, I present the first new piece I can show off. Some cd commissioned artwork for a band. Ive been really digging butterflies lately and when I was asked to do this piece not only was it challenging, but fun to draw at the same time. They didnt want the art colored, but Im hoping once they see how awesome the butterflies came out in the piece, they'll hopefully change their minds and decide to spend the extra money to finish the piece.


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